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The story of a Babylonian King and his forgotten dream can teach us how to develop a relationship of trust and confidence in God and how to find His powerful promises to transform our lives—including the power to forgive others who have wronged us and make positive health changes.

The dreams of kings used to be one of the most important means of determining political strategy. Numerous wise men were appointed to interpret dreams, the meaning of which was extremely important to superstitious rulers and their people.


One night, the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar—the most powerful ruler in the then known world—had a deeply impressive and troubling dream. Waking in a sweat, he could not recall it, but his gut told him that it was important. He must know what this dream was and its interpretation! Perhaps a coup was underfoot in his realm. Without hesitation, Nebuchadnezzar called his wise men and commanded them to tell him his forgotten dream.

1. Were the wise men able to tell the king his forgotten dream? Daniel 2:4–11.
2. How did the king respond to their explanation? Daniel 2:12, 13.

Among the wise men of Babylon was a young Hebrew captive named Daniel who believed in the God of the Bible. When the king’s captain arrived with the fearful decree, Daniel quickly suggested that he might speak to the king. Daniel had already proven his trustworthiness (see Daniel chapter 1), so he was granted an audience with the king. Daniel promised the king that he would return soon with the interpretation. Racing to his room, he and three Hebrew friends prayed their hearts out to God. This was no joke! No formal prayer, no meaningless words. If this prayer was not heard, they were done for! The gods of the wise men were apparently doing nothing for them. Would Daniel’s God, the God of the Bible, be any different?

3. How did God answer the sincere prayers of his faithful followers? Daniel 2:19.

What does this incident tell us about the God of the Bible? First, it tells us that He hears and answers prayer! Prayer is how we talk to God, Who is really glad to hear us and help us! It also tells us that He is responsive, not just an all-powerful, uncaring Being that just lets us suffer. No! He cares, and He helps His people! Who are His people, you might ask? Those who trust in Him just like Daniel did. Those who will come to Him and entrust their lives in His loving care. Is He worthy of such trust, you ask? Well, let’s continue with the story.

Rushing back to the captain of the king’s guard, Daniel is granted another audience with the king.

4. When the king asked Daniel if he could tell him his forgotten dream and the interpretation, to whom did Daniel give credit? Daniel 2:27, 28.

Now the most powerful king of the world was about to experience Daniel’s God, the God who can be trusted to answer prayer, to reveal the future, and to shape history.

5. What did Daniel say that the king saw in his dream? Daniel 2:31.

Wide-eyed in amazement, Nebuchadnezzar remembered the image. He knew Daniel was telling the truth as he heard him tell of its head of gold, breast of silver, thighs of bronze, legs of iron, and feet of a mixture of iron and clay. Finally, he saw the image turned to powder by a stone from heaven that eventually fills the earth.

6. What did the golden head represent? Daniel 2:37, 38.

Nebuchadnezzar, like many before and after him, saw only eternity for their kingdoms. No monarch in his right mind would ever admit that his kingdom would see its end. On this day, however, the king knew that the only kingdom that would last forever was that of the Almighty King who gave him this dream. He had been shown the drama of the ages, how his kingdom would be followed by the likes of Persia, Greece, and Rome––kingdoms that would seem invincible, and yet were brought tumbling down by the Divine hand.*


7. Awed and humbled, what did the king do next? Daniel 2:46–48

Falling at the feet of God’s servant Daniel, the king acknowledges the Lord’s superiority.

More than this, despite the clear demonstration of the wisdom and might of this God, Nebuchadnezzar felt a strange affection for this God. It was not so much fear, but respect that he felt for Him. He saw how this God really did care for and help His people, that this all-powerful Deity was a friend to those who trusted in Him.

8. How does the Bible describe God’s relation with those who trust in Him? Psalm 103:11–14

Being a loving, relational Being, it would only make sense that God wants to reveal Himself to us and relate with us.

9. How does God reveal Himself to us today? Amos 3:7
10. Where are the sayings of all these prophets contained for us to read? 2 Peter 1:20, 21

While God does not change, His preferred method of revealing Himself to us and relating to us is not through direct visions and dreams, as He did with Nebuchadnezzar, but through His word, the Bible. It is here that all His inspired thoughts are contained.


11. What encouragement do we find in the Bible? 2 Peter 1:3, 4
12. What are some promises that He gives to those who are seeking Him for the first time, or to those who just really want to know Him? Jeremiah 29:11–14; Acts 17:27, 28

God is certainly not hiding from us! He, in fact, is the One who really wants this relationship. If we search for Him in His Word, we will find Him.

13. Why do we feel the desire to know God more? Jeremiah 31:3

The very fact that we are even interested in knowing Him shows that He is working in our hearts. He really loves us, and wants us to know that He can be trusted. More than this, He promises to reveal Himself to us through the Bible if we are willing to seek Him in it.

14. But how exactly should we study the Bible? Isaiah 28:10

Line upon line, or verse by verse, is one of the best ways to study the Bible. Following the train of thought from one verse to another will give a clearer understanding of a verse. “Here a little or there a little” refers to what is called topical or word study. This means following a topic or word throughout the Bible, going here and there throughout the Bible to gain a fuller picture of it.

15. With what attitude should we approach the Bible? 2 Timothy 3:16, 17.

The Bible reveals to us a God we can trust. If we believe the promises He’s made in His Word, those promises will transform and free us from bad, self-destructive habits like addictions, and a toxic, unforgiving spirit. They will empower us to form new habits that lead to peace and happiness.


Why can the God of the Bible be trusted? If we allow Him to, the God of Daniel will be our God, and can be trusted to reveal Himself, answer our prayers, protect us, and save us, just as He did for Daniel. Today, He has revealed Himself to us through His Word, the Bible, and has promised to make Himself known to all who will pray, study, and obey. If you do this, Jesus, the Son of God and the central figure of the Bible, will become your best Friend, your personal Counsellor, and Supplier of all your needs. Every day you will see for yourself that the God of the Bible can indeed be trusted.


I see that the God of the Bible really can be trusted, and I want to know Him more for myself. I want to study His Word, test His promises for myself, and experience His love and power in my life.

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  1. No.
  2. By promising rewards or punishments.
  3. By telling them the dream and its interpretation (making known the king’s matter).
  4. God.
  5. An image.
  6. Nebuchadnezzar and his kingdom, Babylon.
  7. Fell at Daniel’s feet and worshipped his God.
  8. As a loving Father.
  9. Through his servants the prophets.
  10. The Scriptures. See also 2 Timothy 3:16, 17.
  11. Promises.
  12. He is waiting to be found if we only seek Him.
  13. Because He is drawing our hearts to Himself.
  14. Line upon line, or verse-by-verse, and here a little, and there a little, otherwise known as word or topical study.
  15. Believing that God inspired it, and that it should be obeyed.
  16. Jesus.

*For more information on this amazing prophecy and many others like it, feel free to visit Amazing Storacles.

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