It's Time to Shine

Vol. 27 No. 2 | Jan-Feb 2016

In this Issue:

  • When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned: If God is our Father and we are His children, shouldn’t we trust
    Him in adversity as well as when everything is going just right?
  • Reconciled: Until I allowed God’s love to penetrate my heart, I was consumed with hatred and revenge toward Whites.
  • The French Revolution: History has shown that those who obey God’s laws will respect and obey the just laws of their country.
  • New World (Dis) Order: Our world boasts intellectual enlightenment and material progress,
    but seems to have lost its moral compass.
  • It’s Time to Shine: As the world grows darker, the lives of God’s people shine brighter.
  • Why God Said “Honor”: Recently, the Lord has helped me to see my parents in a new light!

  • Search the Word – Children and Parents: Mutual Honor. Mutual Respect.
  • Of course you can Walk on Water: God promises us, “And I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statues, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them.” Eze. 36:27
  • He Taught me Love: In His sermon on the mount, Christ showed that love for God and  for one another is the foundation of His Law.
  • Some Like it Hot: Could condiments and spices be lowering your quality of life?
  • Life Lines: Is sitting the new smoking?
  • These Times: Genetic editing has arrived.
  • Don’t Be a Rook!: A covetous nature gets this bird into trouble with its neighbors.
  • Children of the Light: When God’s light is inside of us, even the darkness becomes light.


Life Lines, Vol. 27 No. 2

IS SITTING THE NEW SMOKING? Our bodies are made to move, but in today’s high-tech society, we have become accustomed to bending over our computer keyboards in a “C” formation. Studies have shown that sitting in this position for a long time can increase risk for a...

It’s Time to Shine!, Vol. 27 No. 2

As the world grows darker; the lives of God’s people shine brighter. By Betsy Mayer In February of 1944, the Dutch sisters Corrie and Betsie ten Boom were arrested for the crime of secretly aiding hundreds of Jews and Dutch Resistance workers during the Nazi...

These Times, Vol. 27 No. 2

GENETIC EDITING HAS ARRIVED The reality of editing the DNA of plants, animals, and even humans is the next great frontier in science. Genetic editing technology known as CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) has the potential to solve...

Children and Parents, Search the Word, Vol. 27 No. 2

Mutual Honor, Mutual Respect   Mrs. Reeta Jones sits comfortably before a class of curious teenagers who ask her many questions about what it’s like to be 105 years old. A petite 113 pounds, with short, white hair, she lives on the campus of a small, Christian...


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