Do You Need a Health Revolution?

Vol. 27. No. 4
Special Edition

Do you or someone you love need a health revolution? Do you have a family history of hypertension, heart disease, stroke, type-2 diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, or cancer? Perhaps your health is on edge, and you would like a mid-course correction? Or maybe you’re blessed with good health and would like to reinforce that golden asset. This issue is for you!

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Rx Exercise, Vol. 27 No. 4

"If there were a drug that could do for human health everything that exercise can, it would likely be the most valuable pharmaceutical ever developed." Mandy Oaklander, “The New  Science of Exercise,” TIME, September 12, 2016. COMBAT THE DANGEROUS EFFECTS OF STRESS...

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Children’s Activity: My Machine

­ Have some fun while learning how to properly care for your body! By Lana Ash A printable version of this article can be downloaded here. Your body is the most complicated machine on the planet! It needs the right fuel and the right care to keep it running properly....

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A God We Can Trust, Search the Word, Vol. 27 No. 4

The story of a Babylonian King and his forgotten dream can teach us how to develop a relationship of trust and confidence in God and how to find His powerful promises to transform our lives—including the power to forgive others who have wronged us and make positive...

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Forks Over Knives: Make the Transition

Learn how to transition to the life-saving, whole-food, plant-based diet featured in the 2011 award-winning documentary Forks Over Knives.

Newstart Lifestyle Club: Healthgauge

Use the health score calculator to evaluate your risk of developing a lifestyle-related disease by comparing your health practices with modern scientific information. Free membership provides you with health updates, recipes, articles, videos and more.

Lifestyle Matters: Presenter Resources

Hold your own lifestyle seminar! It’s easy with everything you need in one box. Find other helpful seminar resources.

Lifestart Seminars: think clearer and feel better than ever before

Attend FREE online seminars for preventing diseases and optimizing health naturally.

Life and Health Network: Your Health Simplified

Learn how to prepare hundreds of delicious plant-based meals, get valuable evidence-based health information, and try many online courses on topics like mental health, hydrotherapy, reversing diabetes, principles of healthy living, and health coaching – mostly for FREE!

Nedley Health Solutions: Archive Peak Mental Club and Physical Health

Offers information on depression recovery, emotional intelligence, and optimal brain health, presented in an interesting way with documented scientific research. Additional information about workshops, seminars, and residential treatment programs are also offered. Free Updates on the Latest in Nutrition Research

This is a strictly non-commercial, science-based public service provided by Dr. Michael Greger. There are more than a thousand videos on nearly every aspect of healthy eating, with new videos and articles uploaded every day.

Hartland Lifestyle Center: A Supportive Environment for Change

Meet people who quit smoking, reversed diabetes and heart disease, lost weight, lowered blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar, and reduced or eliminated medications. Bookings are available for 1-day to 17-day sessions.


“This magazine will help connect our health food store and juice bar customers to inspired lifestyle principles. We plan to use it for literature distribution in our community. The back cover customized advt can connect people back to us where they can get further instruction. Ultimately, we pray it will be a positive way to connect them with Jesus.”


Hartland Hall Natural Foods and Juice Bar, Orange, Virginia

“This magazine really gets to the heart of the matter on lifestyle change. It is simple to read and easy to understand and provides good scientific documentation. Being able to customize the back cover to promote our wellness retreats and health evangelism ministry was a huge plus. We shipped a pallet of 12,000 to Australia.”


Health Educator and Director, "Abide Wellness Retreats", Australia

“I felt very comfortable with the information in this magazine because it was based on verifiable facts rather than on personal opinion or product promotion. I was especially intrigued by the articles explaining epigenetics—the science behind lifestyle change. My family has a history of diabetes and hypertension. Knowing that I can “switch off” the bad genes by maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a great motivator! Thank you for taking the time to put these interesting and helpful articles together for better health and a longer, higher quality life. I am sharing this magazine with a number of others as well.”


Literature Missionary, Cheboygan, Michigan

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