The Genesis of Modern Science

Vol. 29 No. 1 | Nov-Dec 2018


Q&A, Vol. 29 No. 1

In the Ten Commandments and other Bible passages, why does God portray Himself as a “jealous God”? How can a holy God also be jealous?

The Genesis of Modern Science, Vol. 29 No. 1

Today, belief in a supernatural creation is rejected by the scientific establishment, but its concepts helped jumpstart the 17th century Scientific Revolution. By Gillian Bethel, PhD Who cares about creationists? They don’t know anything!” quipped militant atheist...

These Times, Vol. 29 No. 1

-Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Typhoons
-Germany Set to Allow Third Gender Option
-Human Zoos
-Hard Times for the Papacy

Life Lines, Vol. 29 No. 1

– E-ciggaretes, fighting an epidemic
– 10-hour window to health
– Reduce your risk of dementia with fiber
– A little bit of exercise goes a long way


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