These Times

These Times, Vol. 25 No. 3

THREE MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT The symbolic Doomsday Clock of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has been moved closer to midnight, a statement of how close the planet is to a global disaster. “It is now three minutes to midnight,” said Kennette Benedict, the executive...

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These Times, Vol. 25 No. 4

STEPPING UP THE SEARCH FOR ALIENS For the past 30 years, The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) institute has used sophisticated radio telescopes to search for evidence of other life forms in the universe. So far, the results have been disappointing. At...

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These Times, Vol. 25 No. 6

“THE BIG ONE” The world’s leading seismologists have presented compelling evidence that Washington, Oregon, and California are long overdue for “the Big One.” The Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) is a fault line off the coast of the Pacific Northwest that runs for 700...

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These Times, Vol. 26 No. 1

OBAMA: LGBT RIGHTS TRUMP RELIGIOUS LIBERTY At the September 2015 Democratic National Committee’s annual LGBT Gala in New York City, US President Barack Obama assured the LGBT community that their rights were clearly a higher priority than were the religious freedoms...

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These Times, Vol. 26 No. 2

IS MARY APPEARING TO OUR WORLD? In 1981, six youth burst into a church in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia with the startling news that a woman, wearing a long, flowing dress and a veil had spoken to them. It was the beginning of a daily relationship with an apparition claiming...

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These Times, Vol. 26 No. 6

LEADING EVANGELICALS ENDORSE TRUMP A month before the GOP primary, Donald Trump met with nearly 1,000 Evangelical leaders to address their concerns with his candidacy. Trump promised that if elected, he would appoint pro-life US Supreme Court judges and protect those...

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These Times, Vol. 27 No. 1

GENDER FLUIDITY Young people are increasingly challenging gender “stereotypes.” In a recent US survey of 1,000 18–34 year-olds by Fusion, a multi-platform media company that targets a young and diverse audience, fifty percent believed that gender is not binary—that...

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These Times, Vol. 27 No. 2

GENETIC EDITING HAS ARRIVED The reality of editing the DNA of plants, animals, and even humans is the next great frontier in science. Genetic editing technology known as CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) has the potential to solve...

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