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Why Donate to Last Generation?

Everyone should have the opportunity to hear what the Bible says about the issues facing our world. Sharing truth is a privilege for all those who love Jesus. That’s where you come in! Donate to Last Generation so that others can be inspired and challenged by truth!


I loved your magazine and was wondering if you could send me more…

We constantly receive requests like these from US prisoners for subscriptions to Last Generation magazine. You can be a part of getting truth-filled literature into their hands! 

Here’s a note from one grateful recipient:
"To Whom it May Concern,
I loved your magazine and was wondering if you could send me more and/or anything that could help in my faith or teach me more about Jesus. As you can see by the envelope, I am incarcerated, therefore I can’t buy any thing. I don’t even know if your company has anything for free that could be sent to me. I would never know if I didn’t try asking. I would appreciate any thing. Thank-you so much!"
xxxxx xxxxx
Albion Correction facility
Albion, New York


Sponsor a Balikbayan Box to the Philippines

Help us send a Balikbayan box (large flat-rate box) full of assorted magazines to the Philippines ($80). Your gift will be the means of spreading truth-filled content to those who might not otherwise be able to receive Last Generation.

South America

Ship a Pallet of Magazines to South America

Last Generation has a contact in Colombia with international shipping expertise and is working to send a pallet of magazines (12,000 copies) for missionary outreach there ($600 port to port). The magazine to be shipped is our Spanish translation of “Back to Basics,” entitled, “Volviendo a lo Básico.”

Literature Missionary

Support a Literature Missionary

We receive requests from literature missionaries around the world for our magazines. We ask each one to fill out a ministry application and then as we have means, we send an international flat rate envelope or box to those we feel show zeal in gospel outreach compatible with our mission and message.

Special projects

Support Our Special Projects Fund

We are expanding our operation and need funds to upgrade our computers, software, and production equipment. For example, we have just started a podcast. We are currently using borrowed recording equipment, but would like to purchase our own. We have a number of other projects if you are interested in specific information about them.