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The Mark of the Beast

Study what the Bible says about current events and issues. 
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Latest Issue

The End-Time Beast of Revelation

If we would know the truth about “the mark,” we must first identify “the beast.”

How to Escape the Mark

When the vast majority is worshiping the beast, only a remnant will escape his mark and the plagues that follow. How can we be among them?

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Introducing our Newest Issue – Vol. 31.4 - The Mark of the Beast

Interest in the topic of the “beast” and his “mark” has always surged during times of peril and uncertainty. As people grapple with a lingering pandemic coupled with worldwide economic and political insecurity, their anxious search for what the future holds has once again ignited fear and wild speculation on the subject. This special issue […]

Exciting New Developments!

Beginning with this issue, magazines purchased for sharing will include an attached postage-paid Bible study request card. We are now partnering with an experienced Bible study correspondence ministry that will provide support for these requests.*  We believe this opens up a whole new level of opportunity for your literature ministry.  Call us for how to use this magazine […]

Check out the Extra Article (Not in Print Copy)

Did you have a chance to read the digital edition article by Dr. Karl Tsatalbasidis? This article was not included in your print copy, so don't forget to log in to your digital account and read it! Below is a sneak preview! Salvation in the Sanctuary The heavenly sanctuary illuminates the joint efforts of all […]

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