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Whatever Happened to Parental Authority?

What the Bible says about one of parents’ most sacred trusts

A Legacy of Persecution

Those of us who worship freely cannot claim to be true followers of Jesus unless we also identify with His persecuted children.

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Boost Metabolism with a Plant-based Diet

Could the adoption of a low-fat, plant-based diet help you burn more fat without adding more exercise?  A study was conducted involving two groups: one adopted a plant-based diet; the other, a control group, made no dietary changes. Both maintained their usual exercise and medication routines. At the end of 16 weeks, those eating a […]

Why Coconut Oil May Not Be a Health Product

Coconut oil has been touted as beneficial to the body. The research doesn’t support these claims.  A major misconception is that coconut oil’s saturated fats don’t affect the body in the same way that saturated fat from animals does. Unfortunately, coconut oil is composed mostly of longer-chain saturated fats that raise LDL cholesterol, the kind […]

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

You’re exhausted after a long day at work. But instead of going to bed, you spend a couple hours scrolling mindlessly on the internet or watching television, finally falling asleep at midnight.  Can you relate? This phenomenon actually has a name: revenge bedtime procrastination. Professor of clinical medicine Dr. Dasgupta describes it as “a cry from overworked […]

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