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Prenatal Stress Affects Children for Decades

Anxiety disorders and depression have become common among Americans. Studies reveal that children whose mothers had high stress levels during pregnancy may be more susceptible to these conditions.  One study found that participants who had experienced abnormal levels of stress or inflammation in the womb had “poor stress regulation” 45 years later. “Prenatal stress…creates a […]

Muslims Are Experiencing Miraculous Conversions

Amid critical times in our world’s history, God is doing amazing things behind the scenes to further His kingdom.  David Garrison, author of A Wind in the House of Islam, had the opportunity to travel throughout the world, interviewing more than a thousand Muslims who have become followers of Jesus. Many of these Muslims converted […]

We Need One Another For Optimal Health

When people have limited in-person connections with others, they often forget to care for themselves and lose motivation to keep up lifestyle habits, such as exercise and healthy eating. They also have a greater risk of sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression.  Isolation also impacts physical health, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke by […]

Boost Metabolism with a Plant-based Diet

Could the adoption of a low-fat, plant-based diet help you burn more fat without adding more exercise?  A study was conducted involving two groups: one adopted a plant-based diet; the other, a control group, made no dietary changes. Both maintained their usual exercise and medication routines. At the end of 16 weeks, those eating a […]

Why Coconut Oil May Not Be a Health Product

Coconut oil has been touted as beneficial to the body. The research doesn’t support these claims.  A major misconception is that coconut oil’s saturated fats don’t affect the body in the same way that saturated fat from animals does. Unfortunately, coconut oil is composed mostly of longer-chain saturated fats that raise LDL cholesterol, the kind […]

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

You’re exhausted after a long day at work. But instead of going to bed, you spend a couple hours scrolling mindlessly on the internet or watching television, finally falling asleep at midnight.  Can you relate? This phenomenon actually has a name: revenge bedtime procrastination. Professor of clinical medicine Dr. Dasgupta describes it as “a cry from overworked […]

Robert's Dying Wish

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had only a few weeks left to live? Recently, Robert* called up our Last Generation office and requested to have a zip code mailing of the Mark of the Beast magazines done in three zip codes around his area. As we discussed the details of […]

Introducing our Newest Issue – Vol. 31.5 "Reclaiming Paradise"

What did we lose in the Fall? Will Paradise ever be restored on Earth? I can still remember the day when my beloved grandpa returned home from the market with a surprise in his bicycle basket—a live hen! Grandpa gave it a home in an airy box at the back of the yard. My brother […]

Innovative City Evangelism

We have discovered a new method of getting the three angels’ messages out into the cities. For a modest fee, we can contract a magazine distributor to display Last Generation in complimentary  magazine racks. People take them at a rate of one per day from the racks.  We are testing this method in Central Florida in 110 […]

What Really Matters for a Healthy Brain

With the increase in dementia and Alzheimer’s, everyone is concerned about keeping their brains sharp. But the solution may not be supplements, Sudoku, or learning a new skill.  Turns out, habits for a healthy heart also maintain brain health. Unobstructed blood flow and clean arteries are important for preventing heart attacks, but they also ensure […]

The One Little Act That Improves Mental Health

It sounds like a Pollyanna approach to life. But science backs it: Smiling is good for mental health—whether you feel like it or not.  The simple act of allowing your cheek muscles to lift your mouth into a curve releases neurotransmitters—the same brain chemicals that antidepressants raise. These neurotransmitters help lower stress and relax the […]

Bible Study Requests!!

We have some exciting news to share with you! Just a couple of weeks ago, our newest issue on "The Mark of the Beast" was shipped out. Instead of the 5,000-10,000 we usually print per issue, 85,000 were printed and even that wasn't enough for the great demand!* Many of these magazines were used as […]

One Thing Many COVID-19 Patients Have in Common

A hospital in Spain with 216 COVID-19 patients found that 80 percent of them had low vitamin D levels. Another study of nearly 500 people showed that a person who was vitamin D deficient was more likely to test positive for COVID-19 than someone who wasn’t. Lacking this important nutrient also seemed to make the […]

Introducing our Newest Issue – Vol. 31.4 - The Mark of the Beast

Interest in the topic of the “beast” and his “mark” has always surged during times of peril and uncertainty. As people grapple with a lingering pandemic coupled with worldwide economic and political insecurity, their anxious search for what the future holds has once again ignited fear and wild speculation on the subject. najlepsze strony zakłady […]

Exciting New Developments!

Beginning with this issue, magazines purchased for sharing will include an attached postage-paid Bible study request card. We are now partnering with an experienced Bible study correspondence ministry that will provide support for these requests.*  We believe this opens up a whole new level of opportunity for your literature ministry.  Call us for how to use this magazine […]

Check out the Extra Article (Not in Print Copy)

Did you have a chance to read the digital edition article by Dr. Karl Tsatalbasidis? This article was not included in your print copy, so don't forget to log in to your digital account and read it! ivermectin homelab Below is a sneak preview! Salvation in the Sanctuary The heavenly sanctuary illuminates the joint efforts […]

Sharing Magazine Coming Soon!

The Last Generation editorial team is collaborating with talented writers like Pastor Steve Wohlberg and others to carefully lay out from Scripture who the beast is, who his accomplices are, and what his mark entails. We will also explain how to avoid the mark by receiving the seal of God and how only the followers […]

Announcing a New Issue of Last Generation Magazine for Sharing!

The Last Generation editorial team is collaborating with talented writers like Pastor Steve Wohlberg and others to carefully lay out from Scripture who the beast is, who his accomplices are, and what his mark entails. We will also explain how to avoid the mark by receiving the seal of God and how only the followers […]

The Simplest Weight Loss Tip Ever

Perhaps people wouldn’t be reaching for weight loss pills if they realized they already have access to a free weight loss beverage: water. Scientific trials revealed that people who drank two cups of water experienced an increase in the hormone noradrenaline. This hormone helped boost the metabolism of participants, speeding up weight loss by 44 […]

Thankful Prisoner

Are you a thankful person? James Allen said, “No duty is more urgent than giving thanks.” Robert Brault added, “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” And Douglas Wood said, “The heart that gives thanks is a happy one, for we cannot feel thankful […]

Introducing our Newest Issue – Vol. 31.3 “Bad Bob” and the Bible

“Bad Bob”* rolled into his bunk on the submarine and opened the Bible. Another submariner had given it to him two years before, but he’d never looked inside. Now, he started at Genesis 1, planning to read it from cover to cover. His progress was slow. For a few years, he continued to read it […]

The Habit That Might Be Disrupting Your Sleep

Have you ever woken up still feeling exhausted? You thought you had a full night’s sleep, but it sure didn’t feel like it. Your late-night snack may have been hindering your beauty slumber. Because our bodies function on circadian rhythms, eating close to bedtime can disrupt that rhythm, causing your digestive system to have to […]

Testimony from a Literature Missionary

Are you a literature missionary? Some people are very creative in finding ways to spread God’s truth-filled literature however they can! Nancy* is one of them! Nancy is 85 years old and shared with us how many years ago, the doctors diagnosed her with a rare condition which gave her only a few weeks to […]

Two Minutes of Exercise to Sharpen Your Mind!

Looking for ways to improve your mental acuity? Try a little exercise. Researchers in Sweden analyzed 13 studies that looked at the connection between exercise and the brain. They discovered that as little as two minutes of cardiovascular exercise improved “learning memory, planning and problem solving, concentration” and “verbal fluency” in participants aged 18 to […]

Ideas for Missionary Gifts!

Have you been praying about how to reach your neighbors or co-workers for the Lord? During the last Christmas season, an enthusiastic group of young people baked homemade bread, put it into gift bags and included a Last Generation magazine. Then they went caroling to the neighborhood and distributed the gift bags at each home. […]

Is Social Justice Biblical?

It depends on what we mean by social justice and how we plan to achieve it. Justice is mentioned throughout the Bible because it’s part of God’s character. God is just, merciful, longsuffering, and forgiving. In short, God is love. Because He is also all these things at the same time, God’s justice can never […]

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