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Category: Devotional

Check out the Extra Article (Not in Print Copy)

Did you have a chance to read the digital edition article by Dr. Karl Tsatalbasidis? This article was not included in your print copy, so don't forget to log in to your digital account and read it! ivermectin homelab Below is a sneak preview! Salvation in the Sanctuary The heavenly sanctuary illuminates the joint efforts […]

Weathering the Climate of Fear

No one questions the fact that we live in unprecedented times. Catastrophe after catastrophe seem to follow each other in quick succession: fires, earthquakes in unusual locations, abnormally warm or cold temperatures, storms that leave death and destruction in their wake, and much more. The list could go on. But we have quickly brushed past […]

Making Bible Study Relevant

When I first met Jesus as a teenager, my Christian experience was thrilling! I loved reading my Bible. But unfortunately, in time I began listening more to others’ opinions on the Bible instead of deepening my faith through personal Bible study. Listening to human opinions only led me to confusion. Finally, I reached the point […]

Two Ways to Use Isolation Time

In the past two months, our fast-paced lives have come to a screeching halt. The pandemic has definitely put a brake on most of what takes us out and about. لعبة متاهه But while staying put physically, our minds and spirits are being drowned by the perpetual influx of discouraging headlines. How do we stay […]