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Ideas for Missionary Gifts!

Teresa Hargreaves // February 12, 2021

Have you been praying about how to reach your neighbors or co-workers for the Lord? During the last Christmas season, an enthusiastic group of young people baked homemade bread, put it into gift bags and included a Last Generation magazine. Then they went caroling to the neighborhood and distributed the gift bags at each home. ivermectina su uso People were so appreciative of the thoughtfulness and a small group of Bible studies developed out of it!

Though the holiday season has passed, who doesn’t love a gift any time of the year? You can use homemade bread, cookies or anything you know someone would enjoy. Package it up and include a truth-filled magazine. Distribute the gifts with a smile and offer to pray with the person if the Spirit impresses you to. ivermectin/pyrantel 6pk bl 1-25 tri-heart plus

The latest issue from Last Generation magazine – The Cry for Justice would make an excellent issue to use! It is especially pertinent for non-Adventists who are searching for answers to what is happening in the world today. dosis quanox gotas So why not purchase some of the latest issue (The Cry for Justice) to share with the people the Lord wants you to reach for Him?