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Bible Study Requests!!

Teresa Hargreaves // June 4, 2021

We have some exciting news to share with you!

Just a couple of weeks ago, our newest issue on "The Mark of the Beast" was shipped out. Instead of the 5,000-10,000 we usually print per issue, 85,000 were printed and even that wasn't enough for the great demand!*

Many of these magazines were used as outreach tools for large or small zip code mailings. Included in each of these magazines is a postage-paid Bible study request card.

As the magazines were shipped out and delivered, our team at Last Generation and many others have been praying that the readers of this magazine will sign up for the free Bible studies being offered and send in the card.

God is answering our prayers!

In the last two weeks, we have already received close to 50 Bible study request cards. As our partner in ministry Angela says, "This is only the beginning trickle!  We have found that it can take 4-6 weeks from the time the people received the magazines, until they are all in. People sometimes wish to read the magazine first and think about it." Angela and her ministry will be handling many of these Bible study requests.

We ask that you will continue to pray for the thousands of Last Generation magazines that are out in the fields even now and that God will direct His earnest seekers for truth to find one and choose to learn more.

*We are doing another print run of "The Mark of the Beast" issue in July. To do a zip code mailing in your area, please call us at (540) 672 5671 or send us an email at:

Or purchase more of these exciting magazines to use in your witnessing endeavors at our online store.