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The Simplest Weight Loss Tip Ever

Teresa Hargreaves // March 26, 2021

Perhaps people wouldn’t be reaching for weight loss pills if they realized they already have access to a free weight loss beverage: water.

Scientific trials revealed that people who drank two cups of water experienced an increase in the hormone noradrenaline. This hormone helped boost the metabolism of participants, speeding up weight loss by 44 percent. In another study, cold water increased noradrenaline even more because of the body’s efforts to warm the water.  

And it all boils down to drinking water! But be careful not to over-hydrate. Drinking more than three cups of water in one hour can overburden the kidneys and dilute electrolytes in the brain. Aim instead to drink eight to ten cups of water throughout the day and between meals.

This health tidbit is taken from the Lifelines section in our latest issue. Read the whole section for free here!

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