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Stress: The Ultimate Solution

Gillian Bethel // March 6, 2020

How would you like a vacation on a palm-fringed tropical island right now? Would it remove your stress?

Temporarily, no doubt, but the stress would be back. More practical for most of us would be an evening spent in a relaxed setting, doing something we enjoy. But for how long would that relieve our stress? When it comes to lasting stress management, we definitely need something beyond quick fixes.

A wealth of websites, articles, and books already exist to help us conquer stress, but they often treat stress like a virus that can be isolated and remedied.

Each one of us is unique, and our personal stress levels depend on how we react to the events of our lives. Because stressors—the triggers of stress—are interwoven with the fabric of our daily experience, true stress management requires a change in the way we relate to life as a whole.

Christianity holds the key to managing this stress. But God is interested in doing more for us than just helping us handle stressors. He wants to make our entire experience in life glow as a result of our knowing Him. He wants to fill our emptiness and be our continual source of guidance, strength, and joy, as well as a place of refuge when things get tough.

Get your copy of the March/April issue on resilience, and learn just how He wants to be the answer to your most stressful situation.

And remember to share the word with your loved ones so that they can surmount their stressors too!

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