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A Beautiful Lie

—with terrible consequences!

By Gillian Bethel

If you die, what difference would it make to you if you went straight to heaven upon death, or were unconscious until the resurrection and then went to heaven? Either way, your next conscious experience would be going to heaven, wouldn’t it?

But if you’ve lost beloved family members, which would you prefer: to believe your loved ones are in heaven, or to believe they are “sleeping” until the resurrection at Christ’s second coming? Many would say it’s more comforting to believe they are in heaven. But why is it more comforting if it will be all the same for the deceased? Could one answer be that it offers the possibility that the dead could still communicate in some way with the living?

Losing loved ones in death is very difficult. The emptiness and finality can seem unbearable. Suddenly, people are not accessible anymore and won

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