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Life of Faith

How to Escape the Mark

When the vast majority is worshiping the beast, only a remnant will escape his mark and the plagues that follow. How can we be among them?

By Gillian Bethel

No one that I’ve talked to who’s “in the know” wants the mark of the beast, even if they hold differing opinions on what it is. They don’t want it because the Bible is plain that those who receive it experience the undiluted wrath of God against sin and will be destroyed along with it.

But according to the Bible, the vast majority of the earth’s inhabitants will receive the mark of the beast, and only one group of people won’t—not a variety of groups, but ONE! Who are they? What does the Bible say about them? How can we ensure that we are in that group?

The book of Revelation describes these people immediately after the warning about receiving the mark: “Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and

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  1. A literal translation is “called-out saints.” The to be is not in the Greek.

  2. The wonderful basis for our salvation.

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About the author

Gillian Bethel taught college Bible classes for many years. She is passionate about making Christianity practical for daily challenges.