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Special May/June Issue: Can We Trust the Bible?

Sabrina Petersen // February 21, 2020

The Bible claims to be the inspired Word of God. However, many people believe what the critics claim—that the Bible can’t be completely trusted because it is full of errors and embellishments.

But if the Bible is so flawed, how can we trust anything it says?

Just like the character of a witness in a court of justice, we will study the Bible’s character. Can it stand up for itself? This special issue will use history, archaeology, health sciences, ethics, and sociology to answer this question.

It will also answer some common questions about the Bible, such as:

  • How and when was the Bible compiled?
  • Who decided which writings were inspired?
  • How do we know when to take the Bible literally or figuratively?

Packed with rich content, deep insights, and interesting bite-size facts and inspiration, you don’t want to miss this special issue! Aside from being an enriching educational tool for yourself, “Can We Trust the Bible?” is an excellent resource for Bible study outreach, small groups, and classes.

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