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Life of Faith

How to Make Prayer Work

Have you ever felt like prayer didn’t accomplish anything? Here are some important steps to a prayer life that brings results!

By Ralph Larson

A mother is using a knife in the kitchen, and her two-year-old asks to play with the knife. What would a loving response be? Would love make her say “yes” or “no”? Sometimes love must say, “No.” Sometimes love says, “Wait.” Other times, love gladly says, “Yes.” We must understand this in our relationship with God through prayer.

The Power of Prayer

Does it really make a difference when people pray? Yes, it does make a difference. Prayer does work. It accomplishes the purpose that God intended it to. Some years ago a young minister named John Klingberg heard a knock at his door. It was a policeman. He had found three small boys abandoned by their mother in a small shack at the edge of town. Not knowing what to do with them, he’d decided to try Pastor Klingberg. The pastor had a small apartment and a small

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About the author

Ralph Larson was a pastor, an evangelist, a professor, and an author. Adapted from His Mighty Love: Twenty-one Evangelistic Sermons. Used by permission.