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Windows on the Creator

My Journey into Space

The marvelous images of space seen through the Hubble telescope exalt our Creator and His creation.

By Allen Hrenyk

Through the centuries, stars have both challenged and charmed us with their elusive yet constant presence. Drawing us above the ambitions of human pride and arrogance, these orbs of light have caused our jaws to drop in stark admiration. 

The vast expanse of occupied space provides an unparalleled challenge to the deep yearnings of the human spirit for exploration. With its myriad stars, space is without question the most ambitious playground for human contemplation. 

I recently enjoyed an IMAX presentation of space as seen through the Hubble telescope. Aided by its technology, a visual journey into space can bring God’s front yard within reach of our personal experience. Through its lens, we may embrace the Creator and His creation.

Words are but weak and inadequate vessels for conveying the exhilaration this tour of God’s front yard gave me. The nebula in Orion, long thought to be

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About the author

Allen Hrenyk is an avid amateur photographer from Marsing, Idaho.