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The Tiniest Nation in the World

It may be small, but it plays an enormous role in Bible prophecy.

By Colin D. Standish

The San Francisco Chronicle of February 12, 1929, exploded with the headline, “Mussolini and Gasparri Sign Historic Roman Pact, Heal Wound of Many Years.”

The words chosen for the report paralleled the words of Bible prophecy penned over 1,800 years before, detailing the revival of the Papacy. “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed.” Rev. 13:3, emphasis added. It is unlikely that the newspaper’s correspondent or editors understood the prophetic significance of their choice of words.

Nearly 60 years earlier, the Papal States had been forcibly wrenched from Vatican control and given to the Italian kingdom by Garibaldi—the one who reunified Italy. This festering sore left a major rift between the Italian monarchy and the Papacy. In protest, no pope had set foot outside the Vatican from 1870 until the signing of the Lateran Treaty on February 11, 1929.

Among other

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About the author

Colin Standish was an educator, an administrator, and, along with his twin brother Russell, co-authored 76 books.