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Screens vs. Childhood

Of course parents should put controls on the internet; but what if the internet itself turns out to be bad for childhood?

By Johann Christoph Arnold

We all know that too much technology is bad for children. Children of the 21st century can navigate distant worlds from their video game controllers but are not equipped with an understanding of the real world outside their window. Fascinating entertainment options have them hooked almost as soon as they can focus their eyes. 

Parents and teachers know that physical health—especially eyesight, hearing, and weight—is affected by screen time. But we also need to consider how it attacks a child’s soul. Many children find themselves unable to communicate with a real person who requires a thoughtful verbal response. More and more young children arrive at preschool with speech difficulties; some do not speak at all. Since this is a diagnosable trait in the autism spectrum, how many children may be categorized as autistic when they have simply not had the opportunity to learn human interaction

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  1. Adapted from Their Name Is Today: Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World, by Johann Christoph Arnold. Copyright © 2014, Plough Publishing House ( Used with permission.

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