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The Dangers of Dispensationalism

The belief that God saves Jews one way and Christians another has serious implications for how we interpret the Bible.

By Steve Wohlberg

You may not realize this, but many Christian authors, radio hosts, and television producers who talk about “the end times” have accepted a system of prophetic interpretation called dispensationalism. Whether or not these teachers themselves even recognize this, one thing is obvious: they usually place the Jewish people at the epicenter of events predicted to strike planet Earth before the world’s end. Unfortunately, the system of dispensationalism itself has major flaws. Furthermore, it also includes some surprisingly anti-Jewish elements, as you are about to see.

What is Dispensationalism?

Generally speaking, dispensationalism teaches that God has worked throughout fallen human history in distinct phases, epochs, or “dispensations.” In Old Testament times, He worked through Israel and required Jews to keep the Law, whereas in these New Testament times He operates through the church and proclaims salvation by grace—that is, until an event called the rapture whisks the church up

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About the author

Steve Wohlberg is the speaker/director of White Horse Media. With BA and MDiv degrees in theology, he has been a guest on over 500 radio and television shows, produced numerous TV series, hosted the nationally syndicated radio show World News and the Bible (2004–2006), and has authored 21 books. He is also an international speaker. You can call White Horse Media at 1-800-78-BIBLE.