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Weathering the Climate of Fear

How do we resist the dark clouds of panic and pessimism that threaten our planet?

By Antonella Pedley

What a difference a couple of weeks makes, I thought after talking to an elderly relative by phone about the social upheaval of COVID-19. She is 86, resides in the center of a European capital, and lived through the Second World War. Not even then, she remembered, were the streets so deserted (except when they were being bombed) and the civil restrictions so harsh as they have been due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further south, a BBC reporter landing in Rome described the “cold blast of fear” felt everywhere, from the airport to the eerily empty tourist attractions, normally bustling with visitors. “Has there been an ordeal as all-encompassing, frightening, and devastating as the one Italy faces from coronavirus?” she asked.1

As I write, the insidious COVID-19 virus spreads globally, infecting millions, killing thousands, sending stock markets into nose-dives, knocking out economies, and sowing panic. No one dares to predict how

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About the author

Antonella Pedley lives in Sweden and holds an MA in Ancient Religions from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.