Tell Of His Power

From Environmental Activist to Follower of Christ

While trying to save the planet, I discovered my need of a Savior.

By Jan Haugg

My name is Jan Haugg, and I am a third-year student at Bogenhofen Theological Seminary in Austria, preparing to become a minister. I am passionate about God and about sharing my faith with others. But only a few years ago, I was a die-hard atheist. Here is my journey to faith.

I was born in East Germany into an atheist family and an almost completely secular social environment. My relatives, schoolmates, and friends were mostly non-believers. At 14 years of age, I participated in the Jugendweihe, a secular coming-of-age ceremony that had been supported by the Communist-era government as a replacement for confirmation.

As a youngster, I didn’t spend any time thinking about God. At school I had learned of the terrible things Christians had done in history, so for me, religion was for people who didn’t want to think—a crutch, suited for individuals living more like ducks

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About the author

Originally featured on “Journeys,” a video project of Adverum Productions which shares the stories of ordinary people on their quest to find the meaning of life. Visit to watch the testimony of Jan and many others.