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A Soldier for Christ

Surrendering to Christ changed Di Yay’s desire for justice into a longing to glorify God.

By Sabrina Petersen

“If I am ever killed by someone, you or the children must administer justice,” 16-year-old Di Yay’s father told his mother. 

Little did Di Yay realize that he would soon be staring at his wounded father, blood flowing from a bullet that had pierced through his forehead to his neck. 

“Dad, what happened to you? Tell me!” He gripped the older man, pleading for a response. 

His father’s lips moved, but no sound came out. His breathing was labored as blood from his neck wound threatened to suffocate him. Di Yay tried to find someone who could drive his father to the hospital, but to no avail. It was about 3 AM in a rural mountain village in Burma. Hardly anyone owned a vehicle, and even by car the hospital was hours away! 

As his wounded father’s life slipped away, Di Yay

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About the author

Sabrina Petersen is the associate editor for Last Generation magazine.