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Life of Faith

Radical, Unsinkable Faith

Straight from the heart of Jesus—it’s the only faith that will take us through the storms of life and endure to the end.

By Gillian Bethel

Have you ever been in a storm so bad that your “boat” was sinking? Maybe a storm of debt, or a bad relationship, or even severe discouragement?

Jesus' disciples once found themselves in a storm so bad that their boat began to sink. The Gospel of Mark records that while trying to save themselves, they find Jesus sleeping peacefully in the bottom of the boat. Mark 4:35–41. They wake Him, crying, “Don’t you care that we are sinking?”

The two mindsets in this story contrast strongly. Jesus’ faith in God and His Word is invincible, as the disciples’ faith needs to be. Yet unlike Jesus, the disciples are overwhelmed by the crisis. Their faith is not firm enough to trust that Jesus’ mission will continue in spite of a deadly storm. However, Jesus’ supernatural peace doesn’t come from His power to remove the storm

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About the author

Gillian Bethel taught college Bible classes for many years. She is passionate about making Christianity practical for daily challenges and is a frequent contributor to Last Generation magazine.