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5 Pillars of Victory Over Sin

Victory is claiming the power of God’s Word to change the repentant heart—and then cooperating with that Word to do what you can’t.

By Sean Nebblett

The five-point offensive strategy summarized in this article was adapted from a larger presentation on how to have victory over sin, especially sins of addiction. 

1.  Declaration of War

Just as no international conflict can get underway with gusto without an actual declaration of war, the process of getting free can't succeed without a declaration of war in the form of thorough confession. This confession needs to be specific, accurate, and complete: “Jesus, I’ve sinned by ______. You bought me with Your precious blood. Please forgive and cleanse me. Strengthen me through the promises of Your powerful Word.”

Why might this be necessary? Let me paint a scenario for you. Suppose that you are in a crowded classroom when a gunman enters and begins to spray bullets everywhere. For several gut-wrenching moments, you watch as people begin to fall all around you. How long it goes on you

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About the author

Seán Nebblett is a biblical counselor and speaker/secretary for Pathway of Promise ministry in Quemado, New Mexico. This article was adapted with permission from his presentation, “A Five Step Offensive Strategy Against Sexual Sin.” For more resources on victory over sin, visit his website,