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Can Dead People Talk?

Does the intelligent part of our nature continue after we die? Can our dead loved ones still communicate with us?

Are you a car or a computer? “That’s silly,” you say. “I’m neither. I’m a human being.”

True enough, but let’s pursue the question anyway. Cars and computers have one thing in common with us humans: we all need intelligence in order to function properly. However, cars don’t have an intelligence of their own. A car needs an intelligent operator to get inside, start the engine, and drive off. When the intelligent operator arrives at his destination, he turns off the ignition, and the car “dies.” The intelligent operator then gets out of the “dead” car and takes care of his business.

A computer is different. Its intelligence is built-in. However, that intelligence lies dormant until the computer is connected to an electrical power source. When electricity enters the computer, it comes “alive” and can carry out its intelligent tasks. When the power is disconnected

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About the author

Reprinted with permission of Giving Light to Our World (GLOW), a ministry whose aim is to activate believers worldwide in spreading the gospel through small pocket-size tracts on such subjects as salvation, health, prayer, prophecy, and the reliability of the Bible. Check out their amazing array of topics at