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Tell Of His Power

Escape from Astrology

I grew more adept at charting astrological predictions. Then one day I worked on my own chart and saw something that petrified me!

By Barbara Masci

My ten-year journey through astrology began with the purchase of a cheap horoscope magazine. It led me to try tarot (fortuneteller cards), numerology (the occult use of numbers), palm reading, tea leaves, ESP, and the Ouija board. I tremble to think where I would be now if God hadn’t pulled me out of the occult with His gentle love.

I’d been reared in a respected denomination, going to church regularly, singing in the choir, and attending church school. Eventually, I left church school for a public high school where there was little to hold me to my religious upbringing. Deep feelings of inadequacy plus my impersonal relationship with God made Christianity seem futile. The way I understood it, churchgoers obeyed the Bible and lived good, clean lives but were never sure if they were going to heaven. So, I left God behind with my paper dolls and patent

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About the author

Reprinted from Vibrant Life magazine, September/October 1986, Review and Herald Publishing Association. Used by permission of the author.