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Life of Faith

Telling the Truth About God

The true followers of Christ play a vital role in ending the conflict between good and evil.

By Gillian Bethel

What should those who claim to follow Christ—Christians—be doing before Christ returns? Strangely, to understand our position today, we must look back to the time before the world was created. It’s important to consider “the big picture” in order to effectively fill the role God has for us in final events.


Before the creation of our world, the unthinkable happened—there was war in heaven. Rev. 12:7–8. The antagonists were the devil and his angels, and we know the rest of the story.

But let’s ask a question: how did God’s angels come to be the devil’s angels? It seems they had become suspicious enough of God’s motives to join Satan’s rebellion. The Bible doesn’t tell us how that happened, but it does show us how Satan worked on Eve. He told her that God forbade eating from the tree of

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About the author

Gillian Bethel, Ph.D., worked in stress management for many years. She is passionate about making Christianity practical for daily challenges.