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Windows on the Creator

A Diamond’s Transformation

The way a diamond in the rough is transformed into a sparkling gem is similar to the way God transforms us to reflect His glory.

By Vanessa Sosa and Betsy Mayer

In ancient times, diamond mines were so scarce that only royalty could afford the rare gems they produced. Today, diamonds are mined in every continent but Europe and Antarctica, yet their price still reflects the unique properties for which they are valued.

Diamonds are valued for their exquisite brilliance and as the strongest natural substance on earth. Their strength comes from the intense process of diamond formation. Studying this process gives us unique insights into how God transforms His people from weak sinners into strong saints.

Diamonds are formed deep beneath the earth’s surface when intense heat and pressure cause simple carbon atoms to crystallize. Next, these clear, plain-looking crystals are propelled to the surface of the earth in molten rock flows that cool into vertical “pipes.” It is from these pipes that diamonds are extracted.

When a rough diamond is first discovered, its odd shape and dull condition

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About the authors

Vanessa Sosa studies Christian media at Hartland College and is an editorial assistant for Last Generation magazine. Betsy Mayer is the managing editor.