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Raising Healthy Children

Give them a strong foundation for life-long health.

By Jane Ahn and Betsy Mayer

Since we entered the 21st century, children have faced a realm of health challenges that their parents and grandparents have never faced: an AIDS epidemic with no cure in sight, serious disease contamination of meat and dairy products, lifestyle diseases attacking younger and younger age groups, environmental pollution, and global drug trafficking. The promises of technology will not greatly reduce the serious health risks these situations present. But where technology fails, parents can succeed. Parents can give their children a foundation of good health habits that enables them to resist disease and make wise choices in the future.

Educate Yourself

Where and how do you begin? Educate yourself. Every parent should have a thorough knowledge of the principles of disease prevention and wellness. Find information that gives logical, scientific explanations on how your body works and how to keep it working in the best order. Children will more readily reason

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About the authors

Jane Ahn was an editorial assistant for Last Generation magazine when she wrote this article. Betsy Mayer is an RN, and the managing editor of Last Generation magazine.