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Life of Faith

God’s Garden Classroom

Green classrooms are not a new idea; they are as old as the Garden of Eden.

By Joshua White

In recent years, the education community has been abuzz with ideas to make gardening a part of education. Schools around the world have added gardens in spare bits of land around the school or even indoor gardens in classrooms. Children have enjoyed the experience in agriculture, and scientific research has pointed to academic gains as a result of time in the dirt. 

A garden in conjunction with education is not a new idea, however. This model first appeared on this earth about 6,000 years ago when “the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden.” Gen. 2:8. We often don’t consider the Garden of Eden as a school; but in reality, Eden was the perfect educational environment for our first parents, Adam and Eve. 

Eden’s educational plan was a fully functioning school with a teacher, students, classroom, textbook, activities, and syllabus. The Garden of Eden wa

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About the author

Joshua White is an educator and the director of A Thinking Generation—a ministry providing seminars, consultations, and media material to help families and schools around the world understand and follow God’s methods of true education. Learn more at