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Family of God

Nurturing Your Child’s Spirituality

Now a mother myself, I reflect on the ways in which my own parents led me to a personal relationship with God.

By Abigail Duman

From the tender age of five, my heart responded to the story of salvation. I would exasperate my little friend next door with Bible story retellings, revel in church each week, and face every scary dark closet with “Jesus Loves Me.” Though my growing-up years were marked with learning moments and stumbling, I always knew that I wanted to follow God.

I like to look back on my childhood and ponder what my parents did to nurture my love for the Savior. Was it my mother’s frequent talk of Jesus as the children’s friend? Was it my dad’s sincerity as he recounted Bible stories at bedtime? Could it have been the warm embraces and smiles of people who greeted me at church each week? These things and more were factors that encouraged my love for God.

Now, as a young mother myself, I long to foster a

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About the author

Abigail Duman is a mother and wife who lives in West Virginia, where she enjoys freelance writing and spending time with her husband Chris and son Luke.