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Windows on the Creator

The Creator’s Aquarium

If God so carefully and perfectly designed this garden of the sea, how much more has He lovingly planned our lives?

By Rabekah Rice

Come with me, and let’s go swimming. The ocean is beautiful today, a sparkling blue in the bright sunshine overhead. Here’s a mask so you can clearly see what’s down there. We plunge into the gentle waves and make our way to the reef not far from shore. The water is shallow; be careful not to get caught on the coral. We float above the magnificent living structures, gazing at the beauties of the underwater garden. Some of the corals are perfectly round with intricate, symmetrical designs; some are long and skinny like brightly colored fingers; some are incredibly delicate like spider webs; and others are strong and appear like sculptures of the finest handiwork.

We continue on and begin to see more wonders in this garden of the sea. The fish, bright and colorful, zip around us as we swim, flashing reflected sunbeams like sparkling gems

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About the author

Rabekah Rice is a student midwife with a passion for foreign mission work. She wrote this article in between “catching” babies in the Philippines.