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A Safe Place

How can we provide a healing space in a broken world?

By Keala Thompson

In the olden days in Hawaii, one could spot a warrior fleeing from battle with avengers in hot pursuit. His only safety was to get to one of the villages allocated by the chiefs as a “city of refuge.” Today, one of these traditional sites called Pu’uhonua is found at the Kona Coast. Surrounded by a 965-foot-long masonry wall, it served as a sanctuary for defeated warriors, non-combatants, and those who violated kapu (sacred laws).1 Sound familiar? These were just like the cities of refuge in the Bible! In fact, the name Pu’uhonua means “a place of refuge.”

At some point in the battle of life, we too have found ourselves fugitives of our broken dreams and relationships, and perhaps we have run away from God. Then, we embark on a journey to seek out soft spots from our hard realities—safe places where we can regain our

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About the author

Pastor Keala Thompson is the speaker/director for A Loud and Clear Call ministry. He also conducts Healing Rain School, a 10-day program designed to help others experience physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in the light of God’s love.