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Life of Faith

Timeless Prayers

The ancient beauty and diversity of the Psalms echo the prayers of our hearts and meet our spiritual needs.

By Adriana Zoder

When I first began reading the Bible, I was moved by the beauty of the Psalms. I had studied French and English literature at the University of Bucharest and was pleasantly surprised to find such rich stimulation in the Scriptures. Furthermore, I found that they provided for all my spiritual needs. Throughout them ran a theme of victory—that God was the solution for every problem I faced.

I am not alone in my love for the Psalms. Throughout history, many have cherished them. As one Bible student comments, “No matter what mood I am in, I can find something in the Psalms—something to boost me up, something to calm me down, or something to put me back into connection with God.”

New Bible students also find the Psalms practical and easy to understand. Even serious Bible students retreat to the Psalms when they aren’t up to the

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About the author

Adriana Zoder was an editorial assistant and intern at Last Generation magazine.