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On His Knees Looking Up

The Story of George Müller

By Pat Mudgett

It was breakfast time at one of George Mueller’s orphanages. Neatly dressed children lined the empty tables and bowed their heads on cue while Father Mueller gave thanks for the food that his heavenly Father had promised to provide.

As the hearty “amens” echoed around the stark table, a knock was heard at the door. With the faith of a seasoned prayer warrior, Mueller answered. There stood the local baker with a wheelbarrow full of bread. “Since early dawn, I have received an insistent impression to bring this bread to you,” explained the puzzled baker. “So here it is. Use it as you see fit.”

“God bless you, my friend,” replied the buoyant Mueller. “The children and I were just thanking our heavenly Father for our food. It is so good of Him to answer just as we needed it.”  

The subject of believing prayer and the name

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About the author

Pat Mudgett is a free-lance writer from Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, and is a frequent contributor to Last Generation magazine