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Sexual Purity with Skin On

Two young people who chose to honor God over their own desires

By Gillian Bethel

Let’s look at two real-life examples of how purity from the heart works. Jaleesa is a young Christian who realized that her pasted-on purity did not match her thoughts and motives as she interacted with men. She admitted to herself that she loved male attention and knew just how to get it. She began her quest for true purity with reading the Bible daily to get to know Jesus better. She talked to Him honestly about her life and asked Him to show her clearly what tempted her and why. At the end of each day, she examined how she had interacted with men and pinpointed her feelings, motives, and mistakes. She says that as her self-understanding grew, so did her sense of brokenness; yet with each discouraging insight, she realized more about Jesus’ love for her despite her failings.

As Jesus became more real and important to her

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