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Gender Revolution

How should Christians relate to gender fluidity and the transgender movement?

By Lesley Williams*

Bathed in red stage lights, a singer in a strapless purple evening gown clutches a mic, head bowed. The accompaniment soars and the crowd cheers as she raises a bearded face and begins the winning entry for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

The musical event, judged partly by the viewing audience, has become a bellwether of social and political concerns in Europe and beyond. Recent winning songs took up bullying, Russian expansionism, or the #MeToo movement. But in 2014, when Thomas Neuwirth, aka Conchita Wurst, performed “Rise Like a Phoenix,” it felt more like the opening salvo of a revolution. Thomas uses masculine pronouns to refer to himself, but feminine ones for his stage persona, Conchita.

Soon, characters popped up everywhere: on prime TV interviews and glossy magazine covers (remember when Bruce “became” Caitlyn Jenner?), in movies, documentaries, and sporting events. The media presented the faces of “successful” gender transitioners—people who

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