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Look, But Don't Touch!

I got whistles and catcalls, but my motto was still, “Look, but don’t touch!”

By Gwen Shorter

Let me tell you how God changed me.

During the early 1970s, New York City with its hustle, bright lights, and millions of people was the place to be!

For models in the fashion capital of the world, dressing was highly competitive. They must sell clothes and themselves. I knew the power of a fashionable, well-dressed woman, and I wanted to use that power to climb the show business ladder.

How exciting, I thought, as I hurried from one appointment to another, swinging my portfolio. My motto was “Look, but don’t touch!”

In America, fashion models set the standard for what most women call beauty. Anyone can put clothes on, but models must put it all together to impress and attract.


To keep my “beauty,” I had jars, bottles, and tubes of concoctions.

I spent hundreds of dollars on facial masks, moisturizers, toners, foundations, eye shadow, pencil liner

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