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Tipping Point

Porn culture is taking over the world; sex traffickers are devouring our children. Could it be a sign of impending judgment?

By Betsy Mayer

When all the traditional ways of finding her missing daughter had failed, Kubiiki Pride’s husband suggested she check the escort section of Backpage, a classified website similar to Craigslist. Her 14-year old had vanished nine months earlier and Pride was desperate to find her.

It was 2010 and Backpage was making hefty profits as the new market leader for online ads offering “escort services,” thinly disguised wording for “sex services.” Pride scrolled down only three entries and found her daughter, described as “young” and “new;” her picture was accompanied by childlike hearts.

“‘My first emotion was complete happiness.... When I took the whole picture in, that’s when I noticed the nakedness, the tattoos and the other woman....’”1

Pride alerted the police, but grew impatient when they began to plan an elaborate sting. Instead, she paid $200 to buy her daughter’s “services,” recovering her from a sex trafficker that had

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About the author

Betsy Mayer is the managing editor for Last Generation magazine.