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Weeds in my garden, weeds in my heart

By Yik Min Wong

Imagine that you are about to settle comfortably into a new home when a wild pack of intruders crowds in, claiming it as their own. Setting up residence, they rob you of your own food, rest, water, and space! Worse still, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!

This is what weeds are to a helpless garden seedling.

One of the reasons why weeds are so frowned upon by a responsible gardener is their rapid growth rate.

To support this breakneck speed, weeds suck up a lot of nutrients and water from the ground, making them natural competitors to a seedling. Their taller height also robs seedlings of sunlight. Deprived of these essential elements, the seedling’s growth is stunted.

A weed’s zeal to thrive is admirable, as it requires no special growing conditions or care. The abundance of weed seed, coupled with its ease in spreading

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About the author

Yik Min Wong was a Bible Instruction major at Hartland College and was the production assistant for Last Generation magazine when she wrote this article.