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Six Mental Strategies for Stress Relief

The way you view your situation can impact your ability to handle it.

By Elizabeth Jane Hall

Adjust Your Perspective

At a women’s conference, prime seats were erroneously double-ticketed. Many of the ladies who had previously arranged for front seats were delegated to the back, and their unhappiness threatened to derail the tone of the meeting. Apologies were made but to no avail. Then, the chairwoman had an idea. The next speaker was Joni Eareckson Tada, a quadriplegic who had spent more than several decades in a wheelchair. When she was wheeled onto the stage, she said, “Some of you ladies are unhappy with your seats. I understand.” She then launched into her motivational talk. No one complained after that. Indeed, we can gain perspective and courage by learning from people who have overcome challenges greater than our own.

Check Your Focus

Selective filtering is a cognitive distortion where the mind focuses on the negative to the point of excluding or downplaying the positive. Disgruntled with

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About the author

This article was originally published on Elizabeth J. Hall is an investigative health journalist, teacher, and writer for Wildwood Lifestyle Center in Georgia, USA.