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The Last Word

God-Given Resilience

The problem with stress is that many of us try to handle trials, tragedies, and trauma in our own strength.

By Sabrina Petersen

“I just can’t handle this!” I don’t know how many times I have found myself with those words running through my mind as I faced stressful situations. Those were often the moments when I’m sure my blood pressure shot up, and my heart rate was accelerating. I would find myself overwhelmed with an unorganized mess of duties piled on me but unable to start on any of it. I felt ready to break! And God forbid that I would be near to one of my loved ones who would become an involuntary target of my frustration. I needed an outlet or some way of escape. I wanted to hide, to crawl in bed and sleep away the stress, or zone out on social media—anything to help me forget for a while what I felt I couldn’t control.

Other times, the stressors have been larger, such

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