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After serving the Ugandan people for several years, we were finally going home! But the children and I weren’t at all impressed with God’s timing.

By Helene Thomas

The words “permanent return” held a bittersweet taste. After two years of service in Uganda, my husband’s responsibilities were ending and we were going home. We were tired enough of rats, bats, malaria, contaminated water, and a host of other “missionary issues.” My three high-school-aged children were more than anxious to attend a “real” school. Still, we felt torn. We had come to love “our” people.

Then our kids discovered our return date. “October! Mom! We can’t go back in October! Everybody will already have their friends! We’ll be the newcomers!” they wailed.

Later that evening I overheard a chilling conversation from the girls’ room.

“What are we going to do?” whispered my second daughter.

“Well, Mom said to pray,” responded the oldest. “So, I told God that if He gets us there in time to start school with the rest of the kids, I’ll believe

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About the author

Helene and her husband, Jay, first experienced foreign missions as children and later took their own children to Uganda, working with multilingual gospel literature. They have 6 children, 12 grandchildren, and still distribute gospel literature to as many of God’s children as possible.