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He’ll Do It Again!

Right before Jesus returns, the Holy Spirit will once again empower God’s people to share the gospel in a blaze of glory.

By Kevin Wahl

Imagine that you live where there are no planes, trains, or automobiles. There are no grocery stores like we have today. In order to eat, you and your family depend mostly on the crops you grow.

Every year you sow seeds in late autumn, hoping for a great rainfall to germinate the seed. Then a few months later in March and early April, you hope for another great rainfall to mature and ripen your crops, readying them for the harvest. In case of emergencies, you have some livestock, but they need to eat too. Your life is one of tireless effort and constant prayer that the rains will fall on schedule and your crops will succeed.

Such was the case during the harvest cycle in ancient Israel. The first rainfall was called the former or early rain. The second was called the latter rain.1

Spiritually speaking, seeds in the Bible

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About the author

Kevin Wahl is a pastoral evangelism graduate of Hartland College.