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Life of Faith

Who Is the Holy Spirit?

Why a correct biblical understanding of the Holy Spirit matters

By Antonella Pedley

Years ago, I was confronted with a near-impossible task: my elderly aunt wanted me to explain to her what my husband’s profession was. Daniel’s occupation is graphic design (not exactly rocket science), but this was not going to be a walk in the park. My dear aunt had rarely encountered computers, let alone used one. Her technological knowledge was limited, if not non-existent. How would I explain to her computerized layout, digital image manipulation, and internet-based communication? I struggled as I described these concepts in the simplest terms I could, but judging from her mumbling approval and blank facial expression, she did not quite achieve that aha moment.

Aspects of reality can be complex, and this is probably most true when trying to comprehend the nature of God. We are finite beings. The cognitive distance between us and God is infinitely greater than that between my technologically-impaired aunt

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About the author

Antonella Pedley lives in Sweden and holds an MA in ancient religions from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.