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From Cowardice to Courage

What the Holy Spirit did for a fearful group of disciples hiding in the upper room, He can still do for you!

By Sabrina Petersen

Bang, bang! The wooden door creaked at its hinges.

“Who could it be?” fearful whispers passed among the men huddled in the upper room. Did their fate await them outside the door? Had soldiers found their hiding place?

Someone blew out the candles lighting the room, while another—perhaps John—crept to the door. Pushing it ever so slightly, he peered out.  

“He’s alive! My Master—Jesus—is alive!” shouts of joy echoed into the room as Mary tried to catch her breath.

Could it be true? Could the hopes of these 11 cowardly men still be fulfilled?

Soon, Jesus would appear to them too—not just for a moment, or an hour, or a day, but for 40 days. He would instruct them and redirect their understanding to all they had misunderstood in regard to His life, death, and resurrection. And He would leave them a promise: “Wait

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About the author

Sabrina Petersen is the associate editor of Last Generation magazine.