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Could Two Christians Ever Be “Unequally Yoked” in Marriage?

Why a young Christian woman broke off her engagement to a seemingly wonderful Christian man.

By Dr. Colin Standish

“I do.” These two words comprise three letters of the alphabet, but in a marriage ceremony, they represent one of the most sacred utterances made by a human being. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of these two words as a pledge of allegiance, loyalty, fidelity, integrity, veracity, and honesty. Marriage vows are lifelong commitments. Therefore, this step of commitment to a member of the opposite sex should be undertaken only after the most dedicated, prayerful, and studied preparation.

When I was the president of a senior Christian college, the 26-year-old assistant dean of women revealed with great expression of happiness that she had just become engaged to marry a young man. In conversation with this Christian young lady, I asked her a little about the man, whom I had not met, for he lived a thousand miles from the college. I had great admiration for this young lady

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About the author

The late Dr. Colin Standish was a psychologist, educator, administrator, and pastor who served as president of several Christian colleges.