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Fashion, That Fickle Goddess

She claims millions of devotees who worship her out of insecurity and pride.

By Michelle Chai Song and Barbara Graham

The devotion inspired by that fickle goddess named Fashion has enslaved many to her ever-changing whims.

Some fashion trends are disgusting and depressing. Many are sensual and seductive. Still others degrade those who wear them, showcasing their least attractive physical features.

One explanation given for the grip which fashion has on its devotees might surprise you: “The devil, the adversary of all good, instigated the invention of the ever-changing fashion. He desires nothing so much as to bring grief and dishonor to God by working the misery and ruin of human beings. One of the means by which he most effectually accomplishes this is the devices of fashion that weaken the body as well as enfeeble the mind and belittle the soul.”1

A person’s character is judged by their style of dress. Therefore, Christians should be concerned about what their fashion choices portray to others. They should also be

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About the authors

Michelle Chai Song was a student at Hartland College when she wrote this article. Barbara Graham was the assistant editor of Last Generation magazine.